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All images created using Digital Harinezumi series cameras.


Macro mode

Monochrome mode


The Whimsical Evolution

One key point of the Digital Harinezumi is that it never is the same. We intend to tweak the image quality with every new lot, every month. Some will even have an entirely different lens. This is our plan, to bring even more views, more uniqueness to each of these cameras. Don't worry about asking what the quality of the next one will be, we do not even know, it is much like the personality of a new born baby.

This is the Digital Harinezumi, a charming little camera.


Digital Harinezumi could resemble a 110-film cartridge, a worm, a bone of a dinosaur, or even a giant green bean. It's the perfect size to fit in your palm, you cannot resist stroking it. Digital Harinezumi is enjoyable even when you aren’t taking photos.

We would like to thank you all, for loving its shape (We love it too!)


Digital Harinezumi’s photos can look like they were taken with old-fashioned 110 film, or another kind of imperfect camera. The newly added monochrome mode gives a sharp grainy look recreating the familiar feeling of 70’s underground photographers.

This personality filled Digital Harinezumi enables us to enjoy simply taking photos. That’s why it’s loved worldwide by people who had forgotten what it’s like to meet a camera like this.




The Digital Harinezumi is unique in its ability to take video. The spirit and quality of the Digital Harinezumi will remind you of an old Super 8 mm home movie camera, transforming current scenes into a "memory beyond the far reach of memory".

Monochrome and color mode

10 types of lust
10 different color modes added on

Standard Color
The colors of our Digital Harinezumi stays with triple plus. This is the base of all. 
Accentuate the warm colors - yet bold and vivid at the same time.
Super Bold!
Much more contrast added like painting the colors extra thick.
Just like those photos left for years in your closet 
Washed out Colors
Image of the world with its colors washed out 
Standard Monochrome
Digital Harinezumi's popular monochrome 
Hardcore Monochrome
Unbelievably high contrasts that will make everything look better than they are
Melancholic Monochrome
Like an old black and white film of the past - a very dreamy shot comes true 
Cool Blue
Dying everything with the theme color of our generation, "blue" 
Erotic Red
Dying everything in artistic red.


We can hear you!

A tiny, tiny mic and speaker have been added to the body - movies now have sound. Just imagine it! Sound spilling forth from this little body. The feeling you get from seeing your favourite scenery trapped in a Digital harinezumi - that will now come with sound!

(Note: sound is limited to movie mode.)

Picture Quality Pixels 3MP
Resolution Photo:2048×1536
Sensor Type CMOS Sensor
Sensitivity ISO 100/800
Focal Range Normal 1m〜∞
Macro Approx. 3cm
Lens f=4.0mm(35mm film equivalent:38mm),F=3.0
Exposure Auto
White Balance Auto
Self Timer 10sec.
File Type Photo:JPEG
Movie:AVI(w/ sound)
Memory Micro SD (Up to 2GB)
Micro SDH (Up to 16GB)
Battery CR2