What is the inspiration for “necono”?

Usually, cameras are made for recoding. But it is important for it to always be “fun”. Without this “fun” aspect, you would not click the shutter, and without clicking the shutter, nothing exciting could ever happen.
Sure it must be fun to click the shutter. But it must especially be fun when it is not in use. This is because when you think about it, cameras spend a much longer time not used. The time you spend rolling it on your palms, and imaging what great moment you will meet tomorrow is what’s important. This is how we came to produce the Digital Harinezumi. necono digital camera too, takes an unthinkable form as a camera. We count on you to come up with unthinkable scenes to capture with this camera.

We did not just take one of those cameras out there and painted it to sell, or changed the color of something existing. As we went through with Digital Harinezumi, we started from zero base to create this. It took us so much energy, just to put the mechanics into this cat shape. This cute little cat knows nothing about our effort but, it was sure hard. These kinds of eccentric cameras will be received with great enthusiasm from a small group of people.

But compared to the mainstream digital camera market, the market is so small. We could not buy the parts in a large quantity and this is why our production is small and pricy. This camera must be one of the most expensive ones as a non-monitor digital camera. However, there is no way we can stop from releasing such a pleasant thing. We have no intentions to sell only the specs or convenience. We launch this necono digital camera, and wish that such pleasance will convey to you.

If Digital Harinezumi is an avant-garde older brother, necono digital camera must be his sweet and gentle little sister.

Hoping you will like our pleasance.