Place the camera in the sun, and it will be fully charged in 12 hours.

Turning the knob with the speed of around 100-150 turns per minute will give you 4-8 shots. The camera will charge by turning the knob in either direction.

Connect the camera to you computer with the USB cable, and it will be fully charged in 75 minutes. For a quicker charge, connect the USB cable to an AC adapter and charge directly from a power source.

※USB-AC adapter n is not included with this product.

If the red lamp above the power button is on or blinking, the camera is telling you that it is charging. When the lamp goes off, it has been fully charged.


Set up to three shortcut buttons of your choosing.

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All you have to do is set the cursor to the color mode you want,
and press the shortcut button. If you go back to shooting mode and press the shortcut button,
it will immediately switch to the color mode of your choice.

Example: Monochrome fans can set shortcuts to three different monochrome modes.

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Besides color modes, you can also set up shortcuts with the settings listed below.

・Self-timer ON/OFF (photo)
・Flash ON/OFF/AUTO (photo)
・Silent recording ON/OFF (video)
・Frame rate 30/8/1FPS (video)
・ISO 800/100 (photo)
・Delete all (photo and video)

 Example 1)
 If you like the CROSS color mode and frequently adjust the flash and ISO settings,
 you can set up these three shortcut buttons:
 1.CROSS color mode
 2.Flash ON/OFF/AUTO
 3.ISO 800/100

 Example 2)
 If you like the EDO and OLD1 color modes, and frequently use flash,
 you can set up these three shortcut buttons:
 1.EDO color mode
 2.OLD1 color mode
 3.Flash ON/OFF/AUTO

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※When setting a shortcut key for “delete all,” the camera will automatically
delete all of your data without an alert when you press the button. Please beware!

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