Introduction / Read before use

1. The camera is not initially charged.

Charge the camera by connecting the camera to a PC or an AC adapter using the USB cable for at least 75 minutes. * If charging by a power source (plug) a purchase of an AC adapter is separately required.

2. A microSD card is required to use the camera.

The microSD card is sold separately; it is not included in the packaging. *The camera is compatible with microSD card (up to 2GB), microSDHC card (up to 16GB)

3. For longer photography sessions.

Recommend using portable chargers (sold separately) for longer photography or movie sessions. Charging using the hand crank generator is to be used as a supplementary function.

4. About the reset button.

The camera may freeze unexpectedly at times. Press the reset button to restart the camera.

5. About the coating on the hand crank generator.

In the newly purchased camera, the coating may flake off from the rotating shaft when using the hand crank generator. This should eventually settle. This is not considered as a defective.

6. About the sound of the hand crank generator.

The hand crank generator, while charging may generate some sound. This is not a malfunction or a defect. This does not affect the function or the capability of the camera.

7. About the color mode (VIVID mode)

While shooting in Vivid mode, the screen may appear fuzzy, but please note that this is an effect of the color mode and not a malfunction or defect of the camera.

Other FAQs, please download PDF.

Download FAQs here → Downloadsupport