Using our camera that is still under development, produce a camera that goes completely against the grain. Attach and combine whatever you want , it doesn't matter how bizarre or out-of-this world your camera is!


【Contest details】

(1) Click here for camera details

From July 17th, 2012 until August 31st, 2012.  
*Click here for camera details
*Click here to fill in your entry form online
*Click here if you would like to mail us your entry form.

(2) First selection process

After our selection, we will contact you by email.
Those selected will receive the cameras.

(3)Working on your camera

Those selected from the above will have a month to put together their customized camera.
*Details will be sent to the selected contestants.

(4) Installation

The installation of your work.
*Details will be sent to the selected contestants.

(5) Final selection process

Grand prize winner selected → Grand prize 300,000JPY
※ グランプリ賞金には買い上げ代金を含みます。

*Additional information

・The theme is up to you. There is no limit to the methods of artistic expression.
 *However, please use the camera as the material of your work.
・You may choose to leave it as a functional camera or not.
・Your work may appear on our website and in advertisements, books, etc. from our company.
・Installation and removal of the artists' work are the responsibilities of the artist.
・Your work may be returned to you after the end of this event.

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