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Participating Artists (in alphabetical order)

秋葉舞子 / maico akiba
Creator of picture books, illustrator, and sculptor. First picture book "The Orange Horse" is published in Japan and Korea. Second picture book "The Girl with the Hair Ornaments" is published in 2011. The series "100 YEARS LATER" uses rust and dirt to reproduce the effects of aging and deals with the theme of the passage of time.

オオゴシ*トモエ / Tomoe Ogoshi
Plastic model expert, writer for "Hobby" magazine.
Writes for Hiroshima-based magazine "Hobby," first published in 1974, reporting on special projects, as well as writing for columns in magazines specializing in plastic models and radio-controlled model planes. Also organizes numerous plastic model classes and model making gatherings. Recently published works include "Gundam Model Making for Beginners."
Web www.054taste.jp         Blog ogoshi.otaden.jp

小畑多丘 / Taku Obata
1980 Born in Saitama 1999 Forms hip hop team UNITY SELECTIONS 2006 Graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture 2007 Forms music group HIPHOP Sentai BBOYGER 2008 Graduates from the graduate program of Tokyo University of the Arts with a master’s degree in sculpture. Receives the prize for the sculpture/installation department in the Tokyo Wonderwall public entry contest 2009 Solo exhibition “It’s just begun” at Tokyo Wonder Site and Hongo. 2011 Solo exhibition ‘Taku Obata “BBOYIZM”’at Ginza Mitsukoshi 8th floor gallery 2012 Solo exhibition “Taku Obata B-BOY on Sky Court” at the Sky Court of Nakamura Keith Haring Museum. Releases album for HIPHOP Sentai BOBOYGERhttp://www.unityselections.com/index.html
HIPHOP Sentai B-BOYGER http://bboyger.com/hero/index.html
facebook http://www.facebook.com/taku.obata/timeline/2010

金氏徹平 / Teppei Kaneuji
Born in Kyoto, 1978. Kyoto City University of Arts Masters Degree in Scultpure. An artist active in the international art scene. Other than the exhibition in 2007 "Splash and Flakes," receives an exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art in 2009 at the age of 30, titled "Melting City/Empty Forest." Due to open a solo exhibition at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing in 2012. Works are preserved at the Mori Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, as well as various other museums. http://teppeikaneuji.com/

Organizes the production of plastic figures, toys, accessories, including the popular series "Nendroid." The projects realized by the collaboration of professionals who have been active at the forefront of the industry and project developers from the new generation, as well as the products produced with the highest precesion and sensibility have been acclaimed in every stage of production. Further planning to expand Japanese toy culture overseas, while organizing collaborations with international artists as well as managing a café shop.

3 | Three
986 Born in Fukushima 2010 “three is a magic number 2” at Seibu Shibuya and MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY in Tokyo 2011 “three is a magic number 2” at TWS-EMERGING and Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo 2012 “three is a magic number 5” at EMGUMI OGITA GALLERY in Tokyo, “three is a magic number 4” at shiseido art egg vol.6 SHISEIDO GALLERY in Tokyo. Awarded the Daikokuya Modern Art award in 2010 Selected for the 5th Tugboat award in 2010 Awarded the Tokyo Wonderwall award in 2010 Selected for the shiseido art egg vol.6 award in 2010

An artist residing in Tokyo, producing various art works that put the skills of being a toy figure modeler to use. A large number of works use doll eyes and realize a highly individual sensibility. Major works include the image character for "Loveless" boutique in Aoyama, as well as an exhibition at the museum shop at the National Art Center in Tokyo, solo exhibition inside the department store of Umeda Osaka "The Lobby," solo exhibition at boutique minorityrev, group exhibition at boutique Silas & Maria, and other solo exhibitions overseas. Art figures of original characters have also been widely produced.

田中偉一郎 / Iichiro Tanaka
Artist, born 1974, Pisces, blood type B. Holds various sensational exhibitions such as "The Second Solo Exhibition - LIFE. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh." As well as holding a five year column "Yattsuke Making" for Bijutsu Techo, occasionally writes for and does visual direction for the magazine. Also does live activities for bands "Folkduo Nagata" and "Squirrel." Co-wrote "3D Glasses" with Yamada Wataru.
youtube link

hi-dutch / takahiro hida
Aiming to realize a highly individual form of visual expression, works with various materials including both 2-D and 3-D mediums and moving images to maintain a diverse viewpoint in art-making. Diverging knowledge of repairing surf boards with visual expression, recently continues to show works that combine wood, wool, and FRP resin as materials.

A creative unit by Jun Sugiyama and Kenichi Miyazawa. Establishes studio magma in Tokyo in 2008. Creates "kinetic art" as well as original products as personal works and moving displays, product displays, "gimmick work," and analog robots as client work. A crazy and funny duo.

Seeks to discover “comfort” in form, developing and selling toys made from soft vinyl.

横山宏 / Kow Yokoyama
Ilustrator and modeler. Column "Maschinen Krieger (S.F.3.D.)" has been going on for more than thirty years since its first appearance in 1982 and continues to be enormously popular. As well as designing the trophy for the grand prize held by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan, designed the medal for the "Osamu Tezuka Prize" with the motif of character Mighty Atom and also takes part in game design. Held a 30th anniversary solo exhibition in July 2012 at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS.

rabbit hole
A design project established in 2010 by designer Atsushi Suzuki, woodworker/furniture designer Hidenori Takeuchi, and photgrapher/graphic designer Masakazu Oonishi. Aims to make products that exist along an extension of the human body, as well as stimulating the imagination through the human body. http://www.rabbithole-d.com/

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