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Minimalist design, convenient built-in USB terminal,
and easy operation that enables you to take a photo whenever you want.
This surely is a must-have camera.

■Image format: JPEG Video format: AVI ■Image Resolution: 1280x1024
Video Resolution: 720x480
■Effective Camera Resolution: 2,000,000 (2million) pixels ■Lens: F2.8=3.2mm
■ISO:100 ■Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
■Memory: MicroSD card (sold separately, supported up to 16GB)■Size: 35x70x15mm 24g 
■Interface: USB 2.0/1.1 

Surprisingly convenient camera that allows you to only think about shooting.
If you wanted such stress-free camera, CLAP is the one.

What distinguishes CLAP the most is its convenience. You can export image data and charge battery by just taking off its cap and connecting its built-in USB terminal to your computer. Haven’t you experienced looking for a cable? This camera got rid of such messy gears. This convenience helps you maintain your motivation to take photos.

Just turn on and press shutter button to take movies or photos- which ever you want. This easy operation leads to numerous masterpieces.

Excellent in design like a fashionable stationary. This minimalist design never bothers your feeling of taking a shot.

You can use it as a USB memory. It’s economically efficient for its chargeable battery! Various color variations! And its compact body. This is the camera that is made for “daily life.”

Although a lot of digital cameras exist, this camera cannot be missed. First of all, its colorful package attracts you. Then its convenience of charging the battery, easy operation and its reasonable price will exceed your expectations. This is a must-have camera even for those who already have a lot of cameras.

Too simple to point out a fault. CLAP is attractive for such simplicity.

Choose by your mood from rich color variation.

Fun, small and cute packages that you might want to collect and arrange them in a line.

On its back, there is a logo, “CLAP YOUR HANDS.” Take a photo like you applause for being touched from the beauty of the sceneries.

Names of each part

It has a small strap hole to carry around easily. You can dangle it around your neck, put it on your bag or you can create your own style.
※1mm rope fits well for strap hole.

  Before use

1.1. MicroSD card is sold separately and you cannot take a photo without it.
2.2. Please insert the card properly in order to take a photo.
Checking the images on your computer before taking a lot of photos is recommended.
3.3. Take enough time when you charge the battery for the first time.
Please use the camera until it runs out of battery for the first 3 use. Charging for 12 hours for first 3 uses will let the battery last longer.

How long do I have to charge the battery?
Required time to charge the battery full is 3-4 hours. (It is capable of 60 minutes of continuous use.(It can depend on the situation of shooting.)

The status light does not blink.
On design basis, the status light blinks when charged to the computer that has electric voltage of 5V and when the battery is charged full, it stays lighted. However, if the computer and the camera are incompatible, it might stay lighted or the light goes out. Therefore, it is recommended that you take hold of the battery charge condition. 3-4 hours is usually enough time for full batter charge.

What are the available numbers of images and videos?
It depends on the object of shooting. With 2GB MicroSD, approximately 8000 photos or 30 minutes of video are capable.

The power does not turn on. (The light does not turn on)
Under the conditions below, the power is designed to turn off.
1. Out of battery
2. MicroSD is not inserted
3.Capacity shortage of memory

I cannot take the photos. (The status light keeps blinking)
Please check the following.
1.Is the MicroSD insertet properly?
2.Try formatting the MicroSD.
3.The camera and the MicroSD might be incompatible, try different MicroSD.

How do I delete the photos?
You have to export image data to the computer to delete. The camera itself does not have a deleting function in order to avoid deleting by mistake.

Do I need a MicroSD Reader?
No. You can export image data by just connecting its USB terminal to the computer without any cable! Very convenient!

The photo images cannot be exported to the computer.
Please check the following.
1.Is the MicroSD card inserted properly to the camera?
2.2. The USB terminal and the computer might be incompatible. Please try another USB jack.
3.Restart the computer.

How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is 3 months from the date of purchase. (Only the first warranty) It is only valid if you the warranty document or the receipt that has the date of purchase on it. Please keep the warranty documents.

I cannot use the camera without a MicroSD?
The camera does not work without a MicroSD because it does not have a built-in memory. Please purchase a MicroSD. It is capable up to 16GB MiscroSD but we recommend you the cheaper 2GB MicroSD first to see. 2GB MicroSD should cost around 500yen.

The sizes of photos and videos are different.
Due to the difference of the resolution capabilities of photos and videos, the aspect ratios are different.
Photos: 1280x1024 Movies: 720x480 (30fps)

The photos become blurry.
Please shoot a photo where there is enough light. Also, the photos become blurry when the object is closer than 30cm but please enjoy its nuance.

How can I set up the dates on the photos?
We do not have a function to set up the dates on the photos.

What is the difference from the same products of other companies?
Only SuperHeadz Original version has “CLAP YOUR HANDS” cheerful logo. We will release our original color variations.

I heart that it sticks?
CLAP has magnets, which enables you to stick it to metallic things to shoot a photo! However, the magnet is not strong so please be careful.

  Sincere apologies and corrections to those who bought CLAP
There was a mistake in the manual booklet attached to the product.
Fault: With 16GB MicroSD card, 60 photos or 30 seconds movies is the maximum memory capacity.
→Correct: With 2GB, 8,000 photos or 30 seconds movies is the maximum memory capacity. However, it depends on the object of shooting.

sold out
sold out

sold out sold out
sold out sold out

Camera only:  3,780yen

Camera + MiscroSD  4,620yen ※specialset

※MicroSD card, Superheadz original design is illustrated.

Camera is available on AMAZON.

■Image format: JPEG / Video format: AVI
■Image Resolution: 1280x1024 / Video Resolution: 720x480
■Effective Camera Resolution: 2,000,000 (2million) pixels 
■Lens: F2.8=3.2mm
■Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
■Memory: MicroSD card (sold separately, supported up to 16GB)
■Size: 35x70x15mm 24g 
■Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
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